After a gig turns nasty...
Daniel Melia

16:29 16th October 2006

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A show featuring Two Gallants erupted into violence at the weekend after a Policeman reportedly attacked the band.

The duo were playing the Walter’s on Washington in Houston on Friday when the incident occurred after a noise complaint to the Police by neighbours

Pitchfork reports that front man Adam Stephens was shot by a Policeman with a tazer gun as were the band’s tour manager and two audience members.

During the melee Two Gallants drummer Tyson Vogel and Andrew Kerwin singer of support act Trainwreck Riders were arrested.

Accounts of the incident have varied but the Houston Chronicle reports that Police were ignored when they asked the venue to reduce the noise.

The attending officer, G M Rodriguez, returned to the venue after the volume was increased and went on stage to confront Stephens.

According to Dept Sgt Nate McDuell Stephens pushed Rodriguez and “used a sexual obscenity” although the singer has denied this.

The paper reports that: "Stephens, who denied shoving the officer, said he responded, 'Why?' He said the officer moved closer to him and yelled, 'Stop!' Stephens said he again asked why and that the officer then grabbed him by the neck and forced him to the floor."

In the resulting altercation Rodriguez is reported to have sustained minor injuries though the band say they didn’t notice any.

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