At a charity event last night...
Scott Colothan

12:44 14th September 2006

Paul Weller joined Dirty Pretty Things at a charity event last night to play a rendition of The Jam classic ‘In The City.’

Dirty Pretty Things were headlining the ‘Make Roads Safe’ show – an event calling for the G8 to take action against the number of road deaths worldwide.

Towards the end of the set Carl Barat dedicated the song ‘B.U.R.M.A’ to three teenage girls tragically killed on the way home form a Dirty Pretty Things gig in Ipswich in July.

TV funnyman Russell Brand entertained the crowd for 15 minutes before Dirty Pretty Things came on, while Metro Riots provided the support.

The full set-list was as follows: 

You Fucking Love It
Blood Thirsty Bastards
The Gentry Cove
Doctors & Dealers
Puffin On A Coffin Nail
The Enemy
Chinese Dogs
Gin & Milk
If You Love A Woman
Bang Bang You're Dead
In The City
I Get Along

Gigwise will be bringing you a full review of the show very shortly.

Photo: Linda Chasteau