He's back producing...
Daniel Melia

09:12 5th September 2006

The Breeders have begun work on their fourth studio album with the help of Nirvana producer Steve Albini.

Updating fans via their official website, Jose Medeles’ wrote: : "So here's the latest update in Breederland...We'll be recording this month in LA...The studio in Dayton fell through due to elements out of our control, we tried...”

"Kim and Kelley (will head to Albini's to work on a couple songs in September...”

"Mando (Lopez- bass) is filming a ton of great footage for our DVD...thanks to everyone offering us shows, we're flattered...but we have to get this record in the can...thanks and I'll keep you posted...all the best"

The album will be the follow up to 2002’s ‘Title TK’.