And Kaiser Chiefs too...
Daniel Melia

10:00 10th August 2006

Everybody who’s anybody and nobody has an opinion on the Artic Monkeys, the latest to have his two pence worth is Mark E Smith.

He sees the young Sheffield upstarts alongside side the Yorkshire compatriots Kaiser Chiefs as more suitable to a life behind a fish fryer than behind guitars.

He told Arena Homme Plus: “I think that the Kaiser Chiefs and Arctic Monkeys should open a chain of chips shops in North Yorkshire. I think that the East Germans had it right, actually. Every group used to have to have a permit.”

"Until they came up with anything culturally relevant, like a classical composition. I think they should bring them in here. I should start a musical Stasi. If you can't play in fookin time, then fook off back to the factory."


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Photo: Dave Kent