Written just a day after his death emerged...
Scott Colothan
09:24 28th July 2006

The Mystery Jets have paid tribute to Syd Barrett by recording a track in his honour on the b-side to their next single.

‘Scarecrows In The Rain’, one of the backing tracks to ‘Diamonds In The Dark’, focuses on various parts of the great man’s life up to his death.

The band said: "Scarecrows takes three episodes in Syd Barrett's life and reflects on his gradual removal from a normal state of reality. Innocent at first, and then darker.

”He is a massive influence on the Mystery Jets and we wrote and recorded this song the day after he died. Lyrically it's emotional and a bit complex like Syd, but the beauty of the song is the musical treatment which is catchy and uplifting."

The much hyped Kid Harpoon has also covered an acoustic version of the lead track for the single. 

Released over a four track CD and two 7”s, the single also comes backed with new tracks, ‘Crossword’ and ‘A Private Place’ across the formats.

All three new songs were all recorded with esteemed DJ and producer Erol Alkan.

‘Diamonds In The Dark’ is released through 679 recordings on September 4.