It's a 'big misunderstanding'...
Chris Taylor
15:56 23rd July 2006

Jack White has denied ever likening The Raconteurs album to Nirvana classic ‘Nevermind’, claiming it’s all been a “big misunderstanding”.

The singer was stunned to see claims he and fellow Raconteur Brendan Benson had compared their debut LP ‘Broken Boy Soldiers’ to Kurt Cobain’s 1991 classic.

White – who has also said he is still very much a member of his duo The White Stripes – says the whole story comes from a misconstrued comment from a friend of the band.

He explains, “That was a big misunderstanding. A friend of ours heard Nevermind six months before it came out, and I played him ours before it came out.

"He said it was the same feeling he got with Nevermind. You know, this is a really good record and it's going to be big but none of us ever said such a thing.

"It's ridiculous, who would ever make such a statement? We were really bummed that it got put out."

Yeah, it's a good album - but Nevermind it ain't... And whilst we're here Jack, why didn't you put out 'Together' instead of 'Hands' as a new single? Not only is it ace, it's also perfect for these balmy summer nights...

Photo: Sharjo