Says David Arnold...
Daniel Melia

11:22 29th June 2006

Rumours suggesting that Goldfrapp were in talks to produce the soundtrack for the next James Bond movie have been rubbished by the films music director.

The Daily Mirror reported yesterday that the electro-pop duo were about to come on board for Casino Royale but David Arnold has revealed the story as a hoax.

He told 6 Music: "The Goldfrapp thing came about I believe as a Bond fan made up a fake fan art poster and put it on the net.”

“He listed on the credits music by Goldfrapp as that was a band he would like to see doing it, and a French website decided that it was real so published a story.The internet is really quite amazing."

He added that he had already been working with the chosen artist for the films main song and that their identity would be revealed soon.

Photo: Shirlaine Forrest