Classic soul track 'infringed'....
Chris Taylor

11:54 24th June 2006

Hip-hop veterans Cypress Hill are being sued over a sample used on their seminal Black Sunday album.

Songwriter Glen Watts claims the criminally ignored Syl Johnson version of his soul classic 'Is It Because I’m Black?' was used without permission on album track 'Interlude'.

Watts claims the 1993 album “infringed on his copyrights”, according to

Not wanting to prejudice any future legal proceedings (although these things rarely ever make it to court in America) it would be hard for Cypress Hill to deny they used the song, as the sample - which makes up the entirety of the instrumental - is clearly identifiable.

If no permission was sought, and therefore no monies kicked on from their massively popular LP, it would seem only right for Cypress Hill to sort Watts (and indeed Johnson) for producing such an ace song - even though he has left it a while to register his complaint.

Then again, maybe he just got too into the album and 'associated activities' and couldn't be arsed to get round to it, maaaan...