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Daniel Melia

10:45 23rd June 2006

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Pete Townshend has removed a self penned story from his own website after complaints from children’s charities.

The story entitled ‘The Comedian’ told of a fictional sexual encounter between two sixteen year olds as was blasted by one charity as “just a form of titillation".

Posting on his website blog Townshend apologised to anyone offended, adding, "I have to accept that even if I write fiction I do so as someone who is well known and carry my past and controversy with me."

Speaking about the story Kidscape director Michele Elliot told the BBC: "It's just a form of titillation. Responsible adults should not put graphic details of teenagers having sex on the web."

Townshend was put on the sex offender’s register after being arrested in 2003 as part of the Police’s Operation Ore anti-paedophilia campaign.

He denied the charges with the defence that he was researching child porn websites for his autobiography.

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