Daniel Melia
19:10 13th June 2006

In the eternal words of Public Enemy Gigwise would normally advise its readers with the simple retort to us music journos waxing lyrical about the latest band in day-glo clothes, face paint and retrogressive leanings with added yelping madness - “Don’t believe the hype!” But every once in a while Chuck D and his crew can be tossed a side in the face of pure brilliance - this is one of those moments. On ‘Atlantis To Interzone’ Klaxons have transcended the hype to bring us three minutes of pure fucked up pop perfection. Sirens wail signalling the start of our 180 second party of a lifetime and from then on it’s a messy, beer spilling, pill popping ride through thrusting riffs of laser precision and the incessant buzz of euphoric synths. Add to that a B-side in ‘4 Horsemen Of 2012’ that sounds like Test Icicles on acid being decapitated by a chainsaw wielding member of Lightning Bolt and you have something very special. The single of the month most definitely, the single of year - quite possibly.

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