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16:01 13th June 2006

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It seems Lily Allen has inherited her father’s big mouth, who’d have thought she had a record to promote?

Allen, who’s debut long player ‘Alright, Still’ in released on July 17, has teed off on indie heroes Dirty Pretty Things and The Kooks.

In a blog entitled ‘Twats’ on her Myspace page Allen recounted her experience of meeting the two bands at a TV shoot last week.

She wrote about Kooks front man Luke Pritchard: “I went to school with Luke from the Kooks. I thought he was quite cool then. I was quite annoyed at how much of a bad man he thinks he is.”

“There is no excuse for wearing broken straw hats and dark sunglasses( two storeys underground of Alexandra Palace) while strumming your guitar like you're treating everyone to an exclusive showcase for your next album.”

“This is a dressing room and your not Jim fucking Morrison OK! I don't want to hear your rendition of Waterloo Sunset 4 times in an afternoon.”

Moving onto Carl Barat she didn’t hold back either, saying: “Carl Barat is obviously convinced he is God or something, though the other two guys (who weren’t in the Libertines) seemed alright. Carl didn't make eye contact with anyone.”

She did however have praise for Klaxons, saying they “were the only people who were likeable and there music is actually something to write home about, unlike the other two.”

She finished the rant by warning: “Boys your regurgitated indie rock days are numbered so get over your selves.”

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Photo: Neil Meads