They don't like being heroes...
Daniel Melia

11:38 8th June 2006

Lordi front man Mr Lordi has slammed his fellow Finns for hailing the band as the Anti-Christ before turning them into national heroes after their Eurovision win.

The band, infamous for their over the top monster outfits, were previously shunned in the homeland and labelled as Satanists.

Mr Lordi hit out according, saying: "Being a hero is easy, you just have to win the Eurovision Song Contest apparently. Until a few weeks ago the whole nation was against us totally - they did not want us to represent Finland!”

"They claimed we were Satan worshippers. It didn't matter how hard we tried to explain that we had nothing to do with Satan, they put their fingers in their ears and went 'Nananana' - they said we were bad for the children.”

But now the country is going Lordi mad but the band don’t exactly get the sudden turn around. "Now all the magazines in Finland are printing Lordi masks for children! There's not much logic going on inside. But let's face it, people are stupid," Mr Lordi raged..

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