Internet tale may not be all it seems...
Daniel Melia

10:30 30th May 2006

The rags to riches tale of singer/songwriter Sandi Thom may not be all that it seems according to rumours circulating the music world.

Thom was supposedly the latest act to benefit from the internet “star making” phenomenon when she inked a deal with RCA/SonyBMG after giving up touring and broadcasting a “virtual” world tour from her basement earlier this year.

Those shows were reportedly watched by more than 100,000 people but despite her first official release ‘I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker’ going to Number 2 yesterday many are starting to question if the stories are true.

Rumours circulating suggest that it was nothing more than a stunt by her PR company Quite Great who exaggerated the figures that watched the original online shows and planted stories in the press to start the myth.

The Independent has this morning rolled out a number of supposed web experts questioning the amount of people who watched the gigs saying that she couldn’t have supported the numbers claimed or bandwith on her website.

A spokesman from Quite Great has denied the claims of a PR stunt saying: "As far as we are aware she is a home-grown talent, which is what helped her get a major record deal. When we signed her up she had already started using the internet to broadcast her gigs.”

He added: "She has worked hard to get a name for herself and has done everything to secure this deal."