He was 'inspired' by the advert...
Scott Colothan

15:53 10th May 2006

Jack White has hit back over the criticism he’s received for writing the tune for a Coca-Cola advert.

White has been knocked by some fans for apparently selling-out. He’s also been lambasted for contradicting himself after he turned down the chance to do a Gap commercial in 2001.

But White is having none of it, saying: “They (fans) assume someone drove up to my house with a truck full of money and a gun to my head, and said, 'Crack open a Coke on television and give the thumbs up.'

"That's not what happened. I saw a beautiful ad, and I wrote a song for it because I was inspired by it.

"That stuff about the Gap years ago, I even said then that I wasn't saying we would never do a commercial," quotes breakingnews.

Photo: Sakura Henderson