Cobain case is re-explored with new evidence.
10:59 7th April 2004

On the tenth anniversary of his death, the release of a new book investigating the mystery surrounding Kurt Cobain’s suicide.

‘Love & Death: The Murder of Kurt Cobain’ is by Ian Halperin and Max Wallace, authors of 1999’s 'Who Killed Kurt Cobain'. The book explores the conspiracy theories surrounding the Nirvana front man’s demise.

Using new evidence from tapes with Cobain’s wife Courtney Love, and other forensic evidence, the authors want the case reopened with the new evidence in mind, to prove that Cobain was in fact murdered.

Evidence includes the fact that the gun was wiped clean, expect for the prints from the hand Cobain fired the gun with. “Dead men don’t wipe fingerprints off their own gun,” said Halperin on CNN Monday night (April 5).

Friend Rosemary Carroll is heard on tapes urging investigator Tom Grant investigate the death, saying the suicide note is forged and that Cobain wished to divorce Love and cut her out of his will.

Also, as Wallace explained “The forensic pathologists we’ve spoken to say that that kind of a dose would have incapacitated him within seconds. Yet he rolled down his sleeve, put away the heroin kit, picked up the shotgun, put it in his mouth and pulled the trigger.”

However, King County Medical Examiners Office in Seattle in charge of the case insist that the death was suicide.