She's not a crackhead....
Chris Taylor

00:58 5th April 2006

Mike Skinner has categorically denied the mystery girl in his new single When You Wasn’t Famous is Girls Aloud popstar Cheryl Tweedy.

The Streets’ singer fuelled speculation by dedicating the song – on which he raps, "Considering the amount of prang you'd done, you looked amazing on CD:UK” – to Tweedy during a Top Of The Pops performance last week.

However, Skinner has sought to play down any thoughts the soon-to-be-footballer’s wife has eyes for anything other than Arsenal’s Ashley Cole.

When questioned who the mystery girl was on XFM tonight, he said, “It is not Cheryl Tweedy.

“I can confirm Cheryl Tweedy has never taken crack…. as far as I know.”