They big up Cypress Hill....
Chris Taylor

15:41 2nd April 2006

The Arctic Monkeys have revealed a strong hip-hop influence to their music – giving mad props to Cypress Hill and The Streets.

Following The Street’s Mike Skinner tribute to the Arctic Monkeys earlier this week, the Sheffield band have returned the compliment, with frontman Alex Turner citing hip-hop as his formative influence.

He told the Sunday Mail, “I like Cypress Hill and The Streets, that sort of stuff.  Me, Andy (Nicholson) and Matt (Helders) were into hip-hop at school then Jamie (Cook) got us into rock bands and stuff like that. So I suppose there is definitely a hip-hop influence in our music."

Drummer Matt believes the divergence of musical influences within the group gives them their unique sound.

He explains, “There's a real spectrum of different musical tastes running through the band, everyone from Roots Manuva to Queens Of The Stone Age and Cypress Hill.

"Each member has things they like, things they have always been into. We bring it all together, getting each other interested in new things - and there you have an Arctic Monkeys song.

"I think that's what makes our sound - all the different influences coming together.”

Matt also reveals the band are trying to live a healthier life on the road after being inspired by the cuisine on their recent Japanese tour.

He says, “The gigs were good but it was a weird experience. The food was really nice but I've never seen anything like it. I'm not into raw fish but I had the most amazing local steak.

"Now, we're trying to eat healthier and just look after ourselves better - we have to get fitter."

Photo: Shirlaine Forrest