In a hilarious outburst...
Scott Colothan

17:01 28th February 2006

Not content to verbally massacre other bands, Mogwai have decided to slam themselves.

In a typically tongue-in-cheek statement from Barry Burns, the multi-instrumentalist pokes fun at their upcoming trip to America and calls his band ‘miserable, sad, Pink Floyd’ clones.

He says: “It's almost time to come to America and bore our transatlantic cousins with our version of their version of dull guitar music!
”Some of the shows are already sold out which means that America is at unrest. Something is wrong, but what is it?

”Are the kids so fed up with the country's state that they want to escape from it by coming to see miserable, sad, pink floyd-esque instrumental music played by a bunch of pasty wee foreigners like us? America! You must do something about this.”

Typically hilarious stuff.