For using his music as punishment at Guantanamo Bay
Davina Earl

14:14 26th February 2006

Eminem could sue the US government for playing his music to inmates at Camp X-Ray, Guantanamo Bay, without permission.

The Road To Guantanamo director, Michael Winterbottom,discovered that prisoners at the notorious detention centre, are blasted with Eminem’s records as a form of punishment. Says it all really doesn’t it Em?

Winterbottom also claims that Eminem should take the military to court for copyright abuse, his film, which follows four British male prisoners at Camp X-Ray discovered that:

“Music by Eminem was apparently used most of the time.”

"So the boys' lawyer, Clive Stafford Smith - who is currently trying to bring a case against the Americans for their mistreatment of prisoners in Guantanamo - has said that."

He concludes on teen"Eminem would have good grounds for suing the government over abuse of his copyright."