Both arriving in May...
Will Lavin

16:44 21st February 2006

This four piece indie/hip-hop band from upstate New York step to the plate with all instruments blazing on this original-sounding project they like to call 'The Papercut Chronicles'. 

Tracks like 'Taxi Driver' offer a calm approach to this new and extremely experimental project. The lyrics, just like those used for the painfully true 'Everybody’s Forecast', don’t succumb to the general public’s outcry for cars, clothes and hoes. Instead they touch upon lyrical bars, stadium rows and shows. 'Pillmatic' stands as one of the LP’s highest points with lead vocalist Travis’ flow and lyrical deployment sounding somewhat similar to an early (hungry) Eminem, but don’t get it twisted this is nothing like the money making pop route Mr. Mathers chooses to follow these days. In fact the whole middle section of this album lies somewhere between incredible and remarkable.

Tracks 10 and 11, 'Cupids Chokehold' and 'Faces In The Hall', are what put 'The Papercut Chronicles' in the running for underground album of the year, and it’s still only February. The instrumental elements contained on both inject a feel-good sense in to the ears of each person prepared to listen. Messages reign supreme as do wordplay and skill. The last couple of tunes  fall a little short of what the rest of the album is doing but it doesn’t matter because you’ll be 100% satisfied by the time you reach this point. If you’re looking for something new to try, stick this in your system and zone out.