Mistaking him for some old geezer...
Daniel Melia

12:36 27th January 2006

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Those young whipper snappers the Arctic Monkeys have revealed that they once threw an old man out of his seat at one of their gigs before realising it was David Bowie.

The band were in New York playing at the Bowery Ballroom and had brought all their families over for support, organising seating for them in the venue.

Apparently Bowie sat in one of the reserved seats causing the Monkeys to ask him to move on, it wasn’t until bass player Andy Nicholson’s set dad pointed out that it was the legendary performer that they realised who it was.

Bowie watched the show from the back of the audience and didn’t seem too bothered by the incident. Nicholson told the Sun: “David came up afterwards and said he really enjoyed it. So that’s nice.”

A source close to the band added: “The lads were really embarrassed. They didn’t think anyone would turn up to see them in New York, never mind a legend like David Bowie.”

“David had heard all the hype and wanted to see them for himself.”

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