After four years together...
Scott Colothan

11:18 27th January 2006

22-20sGigwise has learnt that Lincolnshire trio The 22-20s have split up.

The band have decided to call it a day after four years together and blamed excessive touring and musical differences for the split.

A source very close to the band told us: “After four years of being together the band have split. Lead singer Martin Trimble blamed the split on 18 months of touring the debut album, preventing them from working on a follow up.

“The band had moved to New York but they were finding the writing process difficult.

“It was said that Trimble wanted to change their musical direction much to the reluctance of other members, however Trimble is now going to pursue a solo-career.”

The 22-20s have also completely shut down their website confirming their demise.