Its a "brave statement" says Barry Hyde
Daniel Melia

15:26 10th January 2006

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The Futureheads

Futureheads front man Barry Hyde has described the bands second album as a “brave statement” and has revealed several more song titles set to appear on it.

As previously reported on Gigwise the quartet have been recording the new album in Scarborough on a farm, using many of the rooms such as barns and greenhouses to put down the tracks.

Hyde told Pitchfork: "A few people might be surprised by what they might hear. I think it's many leaps beyond what we've been's quite a brave statement of an album."

"Tempo is the most concrete difference, I suppose. There's fewer things on it, a lot more space ... you can dance to it a bit more, but it's not just poppy. It's got really nice, kinda slow-moving grooves, to use a horrible term."

Speaking about the strange recording processes he added: “Every room has its own sound and its own personality in any building." The farm has "some very bright-sounding rooms, some dull-sounding rooms for contrast.”

“We used the greenhouse for some guitar parts...we put microphones around the courtyard, we recorded the drums in a cowshed and backing vocals in the stables, we recorded percussion parts in the cellar. We used as many spaces as we could."

New song titles include ‘Faith’, ‘Knife In The Water’, ‘Skip To The End’, ‘Back To Sea’ and ‘Munich’ which is not an Editors covered assured Hyde.

The album has a planned release date of April with Hyde and his fellow ‘heads hoping to tour in the spring throughout the UK and US. A lot of practice will go in beforehand though says Hyde.

"We like to be able to play a song really well the first time, rather than the sixth time [we] play it live...if we try a new song and we don't get it perfectly right the first time, we never play it again."

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