After watching it as a kid...
Scott Colothan

10:53 13th December 2005

MaccaPaul McCartney has admitted that he was inspired to become a vegetarian after watching Bambi.

The 63-year-old ex-Beatle, who is renowned for his animal rights campaigning and staunch vegetarianism, admits he was touched by the Disney flick as a wee lad.

Macca said: “If you think of Bambi, its mum gets killed by a hunter, and I think that made me grow-up thinking hunting isn't cool. It always gave me that idea.

"You look through a lot of these great stories, Dumbo, his mum is quite badly treated, A lot of these classic stories, through their efforts, kids, as I once was, have grown up feeling it's a bad idea to be cruel to animals."

Sir Paul made the comments in an interview with a schools publication, The Newspaper, while promoting his new kids book ‘High in the Clouds’.