The veteran band are set to release of previously unavailable 60s BBC radio sessions
Julian Marszalek

10:19 9th October 2017

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The Rolling Stones have shared a rare radio session of their debut single, ‘Come On’. Originally recorded for the BBC’s Saturday Club in 1963, the track features on the veteran band’s new double album, On Air, which is released on December 1.

The new double album features oft-bootlegged but rarely officially heard BBC sessions that were recorded during the band’s first incarnation. The album includes eight songs that were never recorded for albums or singles.

The songs were broadcast on long-gone BBC radio shows including Top Gear, Saturday Club and The Joe Loss Pop Show between 1963 and 1965. And, as evidenced by this version of ‘Come On’, The Rolling Stones deviate from the officially released version to display their Chicago blues roots. You’ve got far more of Brian Jones on harmonica and Keith Richards' guitar work, along with Brian's and Bill Wyman's backing vocals, are noticeably more pronounced.

A statement from the band says: “To help recapture the spirit of the songs when they were first performed, the tapes have gone through a process called audio source separation, which involved de-mixing the transcripts and allowing engineers at Abbey Road access to the original instrumentation and voices within each track, so that they could be rebuilt, rebalanced and remixed to achieve a fuller, more substantial sound.”

The album comes hot on the heels of the last month’s release of The Rolling Stones On Air book which documents the history of the band through their television and radio appearance and reveals a punishing schedule of almost non-stop work.

The track listing for On Air is:

01. Come On (Saturday Club, 1963)
02. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (Saturday Club, 1965)
03. Roll Over Beethoven (Saturday Club, 1963)
04. The Spider And The Fly (Yeah Yeah, 1965)
05. Cops And Robbers (Blues in Rhythm, 1964)
06. It’s All Over Now (The Joe Loss Pop Show, 1964)
07. Route 66 (Blues in Rhythm, 1964)
08. Memphis, Tennessee (Saturday Club, 1963)
09. Down The Road Apiece (Top Gear, 1965)
10. The Last Time (Top Gear, 1965)
11. Cry To Me (Saturday Club, 1965)
12. Mercy, Mercy (Yeah Yeah, 1965)
13. Oh! Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin’) (Saturday Club, 1965)
14. Around And Around (Top Gear, 1964)
15. Hi Heel Sneakers (Saturday Club, 1964)
16 Fannie Mae (Saturday Club, 1965)
17. You Better Move On (Blues in Rhythm, 1964)
18. Mona (Blues In Rhythm, 1964)


01. I Wanna Be Your Man (Saturday Club, 1964)
02. Carol (Saturday Club, 1964)
03. I’m Moving On (The Joe Loss Pop Show, 1964)
04. If You Need Me (The Joe Loss Pop Show, 1964)
05. Walking The Dog (Saturday Club, 1964)
06. Confessin’ The Blues (The Joe Loss Pop Show, 1964)
07. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (Top Gear, 1965)
08. Little By Little (The Joe Loss Pop Show, 1964)
09. Ain’t That Loving You Baby (Rhythm And Blues, 1964)
10. Beautiful Delilah (Saturday Club, 1964)
11. Crackin’ Up (Top Gear, 1964)
12. I Can’t Be Satisfied (Top Gear, 1964)
13. I Just Want to Make Love To You (Saturday Club, 1964)
14. 2120 South Michigan Avenue (Rhythm and Blues, 1964

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