Ian Brown makes a cryptic comment as fans complain of gig organisation
Julian Marszalek

09:36 26th June 2017

Rumours are circulating that The Stone Roses have split up yet again. Speculation over the band’s future went into overdrive after singer Ian Brown reportedly told the sold out crowd at Glasgow’s Hampden Park: “Don’t be sad that it’s over. Be happy that it happened.”

It came at the end of another typically short UK tour that has seen the band play shows in Belfast, London, Leeds and Glasgow. Brown’s comments were made towards the end of the gig.

No official comment has been made over the future of The Stone Roses but fans have taken to Twitter to express their sadness:




The Stone Roses reformed in 2011 following a slow and painful split up that saw what was left of the band experiencing a very public death at the 1996 Reading Festival. Their reunion saw them play three huge shows at Manchester’s Heaton Park and all 200,000 tickets sold out in a matter of minutes.

Despite hopes for new material, the band have managed to release just two new tracks, ‘Beautiful Thing’ and perhaps ironically, ‘All For One’.

Elsewhere, fans have complained about the organisation of the Glasgow gig. Many complained of being crushed at the turnstiles and others claiming to have waited over 30 minutes to visit the bar or toilets.

Rio Inglis told The Daily Record: "Worst venue I have ever been to! Crushes at the entrance and having to jump the seats to get to the standing area! The queues were a joke for the toilets, the tokens and the bar, felt like I hardly got to watch the Stone Roses."

Adam Hendrie added: "Absolute shambles from start till the finish. Bars were overcrowded and understaffed with minimal policing of the queue meaning people were easily pushing in front both sides. I waited almost an hour which led me to miss the first 20 minutes of the concert."

Chris Quinn said: "After getting there, not one steward could give any information once in the stadium.

"The queue for the bar area was at least 50 deep.

"No one was searched going into the stadium. After being sold alcohol tokens, they closed the bars early and wouldn't let you spend your tokens, when you asked a steward to speak to a manager you were told to go away or you would be flung out the stadium!

"After speaking to a bar manager about the tokens and a possible refund, the manager said: "We are really sorry, it's been a shambles, we don't have anything left and only Hampden can give you a refund for your tokens.

"After paying £70 each per ticket I think it's only fair someone is accountable for this.”

Photo: Simon Lee