'Liability' gets its live debut - watch it here!
Julian Marszalek
10:50 17th April 2017

Having drawn huge crowds to her set at the Coachella Music Festival in California last night (April 16), Lorde dazzled her fans with a performance that included her new song, ‘Liability’, and a snatch of ‘Green Lights’ – both from her forthcoming album, Melodrama, as well as a cover of Kanye West’s ‘Runaway’.

The highlight for many was the debut of new song, ‘Homemade Dynamite’. The track hasn’t been officially released yet but thanks to the wonders of modern technology and fans more interested in filming instead of like, um, getting into the swing of things, we can all now share in the experience of a song that Lorde told the crowd was about the “ups and downs of being a twentysomething.”

Have a gander of the live footage here:

As previously reported on Gigwise, Lorde’s new album is likely to be heading a more pop-orientated direction.

Tweeting in January, she said: “I truly believe in the necessity of cathartic pop records in times like these – I love the big sprawling projects too, but there’s something about the falls & lifts of meticulous pop, moments designed for u to feel what u need to, that’s more important than ever. You’re probably guessing what kind of record I’ve made based on these tweets.”

Anyway, check out the video before the record company pulls it down.