The eleven-minute promo for 'Pillow Talking' is the 49th most expensive video ever made
Steven Kline
09:50 14th April 2017

The correct approach to the immediate post-coital section of a one night stand, of course, is either a) twenty-second spoon then Uber it out of there or b) if way too drunk, instant sleep. This is not, repeat not, the time for deep and intense philosophical discussion, as comedy rapper Lil Dicky discovers in the spectacular $700,000 eleven-minute video for his 2015 track ‘Pillow Talking’.

In the video, Dicky and a new, um, acquaintance find themselves locked in an increasingly bitter and argumentative debate about war, religion, dinosaurs, aliens, vegetarianism and Lyft, while Dicky’s thoughts expand in blockbuster-level CGI around him and his brain wanders the room needing to poop.

The computer-generated dinosaurs are reportedly produced by the people behind Jurassic World and Kong: Skull Island actor John C Reilly plays the God who creates them, then realises they were a bit of a rubbish idea.

’Pillow Talking’ was a stand-out track from Lil Dicky’s 2015 Billboard Top Ten debut album ‘Professional Rapper’. Watch the video below.