The brand new app brings music news media to a whole new level. Could this be the slickest Gigwise experience yet?

11:04 9th March 2017

We’ve got an app, go and download it. It’s free.

We appreciate that the Gigwise editors are probably among the very few people who view the website on an actual computer. Therefore, to enhance your experience, you can now move swiftly and smoothly around our content via the brand new Gigwise App, available on iPhone and Android.

The app is powered by SECOND SCREEN, an innovative startup “based on creating local-networks for specific events and artists, allowing users to share content that is relevant and timely.” The app pulls stories from our RSS feed, meaning that users are immediately presented with all our latest news, reviews and (most enticingly) access to sweet, sweet gig tickets.

“I’m very excited we’re finally announcing this. Gigwise has become a great success over the past few years: a recognised and respected name in the hugely competitive world of music websites. It’s amazing to make it even more accessible, especially to our readers when they’re on the go,” says Gigwise editor, Cai Trefor.

The Gigwise app is also completely customisable, allowing you to tailor your newsfeed to show content that is relevant to you. This is a feature not currently available on desktop or mobile browsers, and Gigwise are thrilled for the app to be at the forefront of digital music media.

SECOND SCREEN founder Niall Green says: “The launch of the new Gigwise App is a new and electrifying avenue for us. Music is all about the fans: a community who create moments and share exciting experiences. We’re pleased to be able to help enhance their experience by giving users exclusive access to intimate, up to the minute content - bringing them closer to the music they love!”

As if all that wasn’t enough, a few taps will take you to Gigwise Spotify playlists, meaning that we can provide the perfect soundtrack to the news you’re reading.

“I’m really proud of what we’ve done here with SECOND SCREEN. They’ve been brilliant to work with and I’m already looking forward to seeing how we can make the Gigwise App even better from here,” says Trefor.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for the Gigwise App using your email address or Facebook account now and start discovering the most innovative music news platform by Gigwise. Download links are below.




Photo: Gigwise