Sheffield newcomers offer a sublime dose of shoegaze-indebted pop
Jack Palfrey

13:08 1st March 2017

Sheffield four-piece Purest recently shared their melodic and noise-driven debut single 'Always' and now Gigwise is excited to be premiering the gritty new video, you can check it out below.

Dining on an ode to the swirling, wall-of-sound guitars of My Bloody Valentine and the fuzzy rock'n'roll swagger of The Jesus & Mary Chain, Purest's 'Always' is three short-but-sweet minutes of sugarcoated, shoegazey pop. The fuzz-ridden guitars, the never-ending haze of reverberation and fierce, crashing percussion may make the track a pulsating sonic assault but it's the swooning pop melodies and infectious vocals that take centre-stage here. 

I know what you're thinking; does the world really need another addition to the already oversaturated wave of shoegaze revivalists? Probably not but that's definitely not the case here. Purest aren't trying to sound like the next Slowdive or Lush, this is the sound of a band that, although obviously aware of its influences, manages to sound completely confident, determined and contemporary; on a mission to create dense, layered pop songs that are just as piercingly noisy as they are catchy-as-hell. 

Purest is comprised of James Rollings (Guitar/Vocals), Richard Bithrey (Guitar), Ashley Platts (Drums) and Danny Davidson (Bass). With a sincere and assured feel at its heart, vocalist James explains how 'Always' "explores an inflated sense of self, in an increasingly self-involved world. It’s about the inability to let egotistical habits go, and how it impacts emotionally.”

Recorded at Manchester's Eve Studios and produced by Gethin Pearson (The Enemy, Jaws, Clay), 'Always' will be released March 31st on Gold Tooth Records. In the meantime, I'd definitely suggest you get familiar with these guys. Despite being a completely new band, Purest are already pretty clearly set to reach vertigo-inducing heights.


Photo: Press