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'Wham!'s Andrew Ridgeley slams The Sun's 'Careless Whisper' reissue campaign

Says it isn’t an 'appropriate' tribute for George Michael


Wham! George Michael Andrew Ridgeley Last Christmas Photo: Press

Former Wham! member Andrew Ridgeley has dismissed The Sun’s efforts to re-release ‘Careless Whisper’ for charity, stating that a song George Michael wrote by himself would be better suited. It seems he's been listened to.

After learning of George Michael’s death on Christmas Day, The Sun tried to pay tribute to the international icon despite controversy over The Sun previously calling George Michael a “poof” and a “pervert”.


Fans have questioned Ridgeley's decision to engage with the tabloid at all, but his tweets indicate he was left with little choice despite his resentment.


It seems he's made headway and his negotiations have seen the paper drop 'Careless Whisper'. His dialogue with them hasn't left the best taste, though. He uncomfortably writes, "They wil not drop the idea" indicating he's far from happy about The Sun leading this campaign after the way they treated Michael over the years.

But the headway he made wasn't without struggle.......

Despite having written 'Careless Whisper' at 17, George Michael expressed his frustration at its popularity in his 1991 autobiography, BARE, which said “it was not an integral part of my emotional development.” He later said in an interview with Big Issue that he was “puzzled why it’s made such an impression on people.”

“I was only 17 and didn’t really know much about anything - and certainly nothing much about relationships.”

George Michael’s death was announced on Christmas Day, he died peacefully and alone at home aged 53. The icon had sold over 100 million records worldwide.

Later it was announced George Michael has anonymously raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for multiple charities during his life.

The Sun’s attempted tribute was to put all proceedings to the late singer’s favourite charities.

Fans all over the world have flocked to the singer’s home in Oxfordshire to lay flowers and pay their tributes. Family and friends have stated they are “touched beyond words.”

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