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David Attenborough reveals his love for world music on Christmas Day with Radio 3 show

The wildlife presenter has been recording local sounds on his prolific travels over the years


David Attenborough world music show BBC Radio 3 Planet Earth 2 Photo: Still

For years David Attenborough has been collecting a variety of sounds that has been growing alongside his global travels, and on Christmas Day a show on BBC Radio 3 revealed his love for world music.

Narrated by himself, he showcases a variety of music that was collected by himself using a sound recorder. The sideline project has been building up since 1954.

Collating a variety of traditional music from different parts of the world, David Attenborough manages to compile his musical memories into a memorable 48 minute radio show.

The show sees David Attenborough, or DJ David Attenborough, delve into the stories that surround the musical recordings and his travels, from who performed the songs to what recorder he used to capture the moment, wherever he was in the world.

From exotic xylophone’s in Sierra Leone to Aboriginal didgeridoo players, David Attenborough has certainly seen the world’s instruments, and their tradition played within their cultures.

As a sideline project to his profound nature program broadcasting, David Attenborough fuses together his love for nature, people, and the world, and his love for music from different corners of the world.

Previous to its broadcast, the Planet Earth narrator said he was “delighted” that audiences would be able to hear these tracks he had been recording since 1954. “I’m delighted that the music I recorded, all over the world, half a century ago, is coming to light at last”.

Cerys Kenneally


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