I was like ‘what are you doing? That’s your next album’
Cai Trefor
10:40 12th December 2016

Matt Healy of The 1975  has spoken out about the time he nearly gave One Direction hit single 'The Sound'.

Of the massive track from their Mercury-nominated second album ‘I Like It When You Fall Asleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It‘, Healy told NME: “I didn’t nearly give it to One Direction. This is something I said in an interview. I suppose I did. Fucking hell, imagine if I did. Oh God, can you imagine? They wouldn’t have liked it. I got a phone call and they were like ‘One Direction want you to write a tune for them’ and I was like ‘fucking get in!’ I think it’s very distasteful when artists talk about money but fucking come on. It’s like ‘Adele wants you to write a tune… yeah, alright’.”

He continued: “So I went in there, they were really nice lads, like excited and that, and I was like ‘fucking hell, I don’t know what I’m doing’. I’m not the kind of artist who goes in and is like ‘here, let’s just figure something out’. That’s not what I do. So I just started playing them demoes of stuff that I had But I was like ‘fuck it!’ “I think ‘The Sound’, I played them and they were like ‘oh, that’s quite good’. What had happened is, they’d already written a song that sounded like The 1975 and they got me in to pretty much go ‘oh go on then, use that’. Which I didn’t but they’re One Direction, they’ll do that.”

Previously, Healy questioned 1Ds artistic credibility after Healy was upset that One Direction didn't make it clear that their song 'Change Your Ticket'  was based on his tune Girls.: "It would have been a bad 1975 song."

He said: "Oh, well… they’re four guys who queued up outside an arena to sing in front of Simon Cowell. Do they really have any artistic credibility? That sounds like a mean thing to say, but it’s a good question. Like, do they?"