She hasn't strayed far from her father's taste at all
Cai Trefor
09:20 7th September 2016

Frances Bean Cobain has shared her first public mixtape. Simply titled ‘FBC Mixtape’, Cobain’s selection includes just six songs, running from 1987 to 2001. You can listen to all six songs below.

It's particularly strong and reflects her parents famously great music taste.

The Vaselines, which were one of Kurt's all time favourite bands are the most obvious reflection of her father's choice cuts. She chose the song 1987 song 'Son of A Gun', which Nirvana covered on their second album Incesticide in impeccable style.

Another legendary Scottish band, The Jesus And Mary Chain, made it on there and she picked their relatively obscure cut 'Perfume' from the 1998 album Munki. 

The Pavement classic 'Cut Your Hair' that was released on ly two months before Kurt's death is on there.

A song called 'She Said' by Richard Hawley's first band Lognpigs makes the cut. Meanwhile, musician/film director Vinvent Gallo has tender acoustic track 'Honey' on there making up the most down tempo and brittle feeling of any of the songs.

In contrast, The Vines' Get Free' is much heavier and channels Nirvana at their most urgent. Vines frontman Craig Nicholls will be glad to see the daughter of his hero giving him the seal of approval.