Signs deal with major rival
PJ Thorne
22:29 6th September 2016

Lone Irish member of boy band One Direction Niall Horan has joined fellow band members Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Harry Styles in abandoning Simon Cowell’s Syco label and taking his career on its own personal journey.

Styles has at least got himself a very lucrative solo deal with affiliated company Sony (under the Universal banner). He will always be a Cowell favourite for staying within the extended family.

This announcement comes a mere few months after the music mogul himself had been noted as saying that Horan would be staying on with his company.

A deal has been struck with Capitol US, which is part of rival organisation Universal. A deal such as this will surely allow the singer/songwriter a great opportunity to tackle solo success in the US and please his mass of fans in the United States.

This means that one of the biggest bands (or acts) to ever come out of The X Factor are now mainly out of the clutches of the shows mastermind. Such acts may not bode well for the latest batch of wannabe singers, who are currently plying their trade on this year’s version of the show.

The X Factor has become somewhat of a poisoned chalice for acts. The winners for the most part have seen their working relationships with Syco run their natural course quite quickly, a few have been lucky enough to get other signings or tackle musical theatre work.

The one thing to note is that very often the acts coming in second or third place are very often the ones who succeed in the very fickle world of music.

Will Horan become the next Justin Bieber? Who Knows for sure, but he may just surprise us all.

To date the only band member who has not jumped ship elsewhere is Louise Tomlinson, but his musical aspirations have lessened and I don’t see him in the recording studio any time soon.