Hear the Muse classic given a heartbreaking makeover
Andrew Trendell
12:40 18th July 2016

A modern rock classic and a staple of any proper indie dancefloor, Muse's 'Supermassive Black Hole' may be driven by groove, but there's a pure yearning at its very heart. No one understands that more than rising star Sophie Longshaw. Hear her heartbreaking cover of the track on Gigwise first below. 

Having just signed to Twin Records, the 20-year-old Sheffield singer-songwriter has wrapped her unique voice and world view about the Muse single, to give it an all-new aching and melancholic twist. 

"‘Supermassive Black Hole' was an important track for me through my teens, partly because it was on the Twilight soundtrack," says Sophie. "My sister and I played it over and over. I wanted to play it but I couldn’t get the power of Matt Bellamy’s high vocals so I transposed it down a few tones. It gave it a different feel, a different sort of power."

She continues: " A lot of the songs I’m recording for my first album have this stripped down, indiepop-downtempo feel, many of them intimate snapshots of my own life."

Sophie Longshaw's double A-side single 'In The Morning'/'Let's Go To The Beach' later this year.

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