The best reactions to that performance and THAT zoom
Andrew Trendell

10:59 16th May 2016

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They may not have been winners, but Cyprus' Eurovision 2016 entry certainly seemed to freak people out more than most. 

Minus One took to the stage in Stockholm to perform 'Alter Ego' - a metal-lite bag of sentimental sap by Primark's version of Disturbed. It was bad, and the world noticed.

It all started with what may have potentially been the highlight of the entire evening, with the ultra intense close-up on the frontman's face. Other than that, people were largely distracted by the creepy S&M cage imagery, overly intense strobing, and the band's rough aesthetic seeming somewhat frightening and at odds with the glossy, camp goings on of the rest of proceedings. It was all just a bit menacing. 

These are the best reactions from the internet since:

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Photo: WENN