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Here's a handy app that lets you mock up your own Drake album cover

Have some fun at Drizzy's expense


Meme generator - make your own Drake new album Views From 6 cover Photo:

Wherever Drake goes, memes will inevitably follow.

Drake announced details of his highly anticipated new record Views From the 6 over the weekend, with the album set to premiere on Apple Music tomorrow.

However, within days of Views From the 6's artwork going up online, the internet did what the internet does and turned out a generator that lets you make your own version of the album's cover.

'Drake's Views', made by interactive media production company The Young Astronauts, lets you place a tiny Drizzy into any photo of your choosing, leading to predictably hilarious results.

Some of the most inspired creations include Tiny Drake astride Beyonce's baseball bat, Tiny Drake chilling on top of the Millenium Falcon, and of course, Tiny Drake sat atop Drake. Check them out below, or click to have a go at making your own here.

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