Progress on their new album is well underway
Andrew Trendell
10:43 12th April 2016

Awesome news for fans of Gorillaz - as progress on the new album from the 'Clint Eastwood' and 'Dare' stars is well underway. Could we expect a 2016 release and perhaps a tour?

Damon Albarn promised a new album from the animated band - having started work on their fifth album back in September

Now, everything looks pretty damn promising. Not only has Gorillaz artists Jamie Hewlett shared a great of new artwork of the band on his Instagram account, but he's also revealed video footage of Albarn hard at work in the studio - with one showing the Blur frontman working alongside legendary French composer Jean Michel-Jarre, producer Twilite Tone, and singer-songwriter Liam Bailey.

As Consequence Of Sound reports, a now-deleted post revealed that the band had also been visited in the studio by Massive Attack - could they also be one of the record's special guests? 

Gorillaz are also rumoured to be planning a world tour at the end of 2017, tickets will surely sell out fast so stay tuned for an official announcement to make sure you buy your Gorillaz tickets first.

See the Gorillaz videos and artwork below...  


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Keyboards D-Boards.

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Light me up

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Not bald, hair combed neatly to one side.

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#Murdoc ( Dr Muds)

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Meanwhile, there are also rumours that David Bowie may have contributed to the album prior to his death.

  • As the dust settles around the exciting news that a new Gorillaz album is on the way, we've gathered all the hints and teasers that have been thrown down in recent months, and put them into one, handy place. This one's for the superfans.

  • It's out next year: Gorillaz fans have been waiting patiently for the best part of five years for a follow-up to the brilliant Plastic Beach. Even free iPad album The Fall, released to members of the band's fan club, was four years ago. Now, we've got confirmation from both Albarn and Hewlett that the new album will definitely be released in 2016.

  • Albarn and Hewlett have buried the hatchet: There was a point, a few years ago, when it seemed impossible that Gorillaz would ever make any more music - so fractured was the relationship between Hewlett and Albarn. Since then though, they've kissed and made up. "There are points in every relationship where they fall out with people that they're close to and then they reconcile, hopefully" said Albarn recently. "And actually, you know the relationship's probably in a healthier place as a result of that."

  • Noodle has grown up: The band's lead guitarist and occasional lead vocalist was created, like all other members, in 1998. Back then, she was a bolshy ten-year-old. Since then, Hewlett has been gradually ageing her. Now, amongst the artwork he's shared in the past few weeks is this image of an adult Noodle.

  • Here's some more artwork: Hewlett has really been spoiling us in terms of artwork in the past few months. Here's just a few drawings he's shared in recent weeks. Now if only we could have some musical teasers too.

  • It’s going very well: Always a good thing to hear, especially when there's so much hype and excitement around it. "I'm very excited," said Jamie Hewlett in a recent interview. "I don’t want to say too much about it, but I’m at that phase of experimentation."

  • It's going to be high-tempo: Speaking to Rolling Stone of the direction the album is going in, Damon Albarn said, "It's really fast, and it's got quite a lot of energy. I've been stuck on piano, somewhere off Broadway, for years now. I want to go somewhere completely opposite of that."

  • They're leaving Melancholy Hill: All of Gorillaz' albums, of course, have plenty of infectious, funk-filled tracks, but it looks like this one might step this up a notch, bypassing the melancholia that lurks underneath much of the music. Speaking before he started recording, Damon Albarn insisted that he wanted the album to be "a happy, positive and funny one!"

  • It's going to have lots of guests: It wouldn't be a Gorillaz album, of course, if there weren't at least a few collaborations. When asked in an interview if he'd have more guests on his new solo material, he responded, "If I did that it would inevitably turn into the next Gorillaz album. Which it may well do."

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