'It's not goodbye for good, just for a short while'
Andrew Trendell
09:10 4th April 2016

Marina & The Diamonds has revealed that she's set to go on hiatus and 'take a break' from music, now that her 'Froot' era has come to an end. 

Diamondis was taking part in a Twitter Q&A with fans, when quizzed on how it felt to be taking some time away from music after the success of her 2015 album Froot and subsequent tour. 

"In terms of taking a break, no, that doesn't feel weird at all," Marina said in her FAQin' Hellvideo chat. "I've been traveling for a year and a half, and it's something I need to do creatively."

She continued: "It feels very bittersweet ending this era, because I've enjoyed it so much, and it's been so helpful for me creatively.

"It's been an absolute dream. I achieved so many things that I've been trying to for many years. Now, I'm gonna take a little break to do some different things. I've been on the road for seven years. I've had an amazing, amazing experience. This isn't goodbye for good, it's just for a short while."

Her third album Froot was one of her most successful to date, charting at No.10 in the UK and No.8 in the US, spurning a huge and critically acclaimed Neon Future world tour - culminating at massive shows at London's Roundhouse.

Earlier this year, Diamondis hinted that she may not be making another album after Froot

"I don't know about that," she said. "Froot was so satisfying for me, and I finally felt like I had been understood as a person and as an artist. There's not that same hunger and ambition. There's a different kind of hunger for other things."

Diamondis came to blows which Charli XCX earlier this year too - accusing her of plagiarism over the similarity between their photo shoots