'The ultimate guide to recovery after heartbreak'
Krystal Scanlon

15:47 18th March 2016

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Gwen Stefani has often used music as an emotional release, and on this new album, she’s done an Adele. This Is What The Truth Feels Like she tells her side of her breakup with husband, Gavin Rossdale in the most truthful way imaginable.

This album really reflects where Gwen is in her life right now – happily moving on after a crap time, which is relatable to most of us.

'Truth' and 'Misery' examine the emotional scars she was left with after her heartbreak, while 'Used to Love You' confesses exactly how she feels about Blake. With lyrics such as, “You know I was the best thing that ever happened to you, now look at what you lost” – she’s putting her middle fingers up to Gavin in the best way: by moving on. Remembering what she penned in No Doubt’s track, 'Don’t Speak', it’ll be interesting to see if this song takes off in the same way.

She adds a playful touch as the album progresses with 'Send Me A Picture' and a vocal appearance by Fetty Wap on 'Asking 4 It'.

Fans hear a range of Gwen’s vocal abilities and personality through her singing and high pitches to the quirkiness we know and love. We also hear how time healed her as she falls for new beau, Blake Shelton, with the not-so-subtle hints that 'Make Me Like You' is about her new love.

After her heart breaking circumstances last year, it’s great that she could express her emotions so powerfully into this album and create such a work of art that will no doubt resonate with a lot of her fans. We sure have missed you, Gwen. Welcome back.

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