Get caught up in a bittersweet memory
Andrew Trendell

12:36 18th March 2016

You know how it is, to be caught in the whirlwind of a bittersweet memory that you can't let go of, and can't let go of you. Well, rising dream-rockers Sulk have encapsulated that feeling perfectly in the gorgeous shoegaze of 'The Tape Of You'. Watch the video on Gigwise first below.

“The song is about choosing to live in a memory rather than the real world, and though that’s enticing, how harmful it can be over time," said Andrew Needle from the band. "Stuck replaying memories over and over, just rejecting the present and not being able to move on. The band stuff was shot at Gun Factory Studios in Hackney and the rest is a load of home movie footage I’d shot on different formats.”

 We've all been there, amen. 

Sulk release debut album No Illusions on 15 April.

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