Here's how you can help save The George Tavern
Andrew Trendell
11:34 1st March 2016

One of London's oldest and most beloved music venues is under threat, with a petition now launched to help save The George Tavern. 

The 600-year-old George Tavern is a Grade II listed building on Commercial Road, and over the years has played host to the likes of Nick Cave, Anna Calvi, Plan B, John Cooper Clarke and many more. 

Now, its live music licence is under threat from a neighbouring development of new flats. You can join the likes of Ricky Wilson, Kate Moss, Grace Jones and Sir Ian McKellen in fighting to save the venue by signing their petition here - and stop them joining the 35% of grass roots music venues that have closed in the UK over the last eight years.

“We’re ecstatic that we’ve been given another chance to make our case to the Court of Appeal," says landlady Pauline Forster. "As well as fighting for our own future, we’re fighting for the future of live music in London and across the country. We desperately need a common sense approach to planning and music venues and hope that a successful outcome for us can lead the way for other pubs and venues who are having to deal with inappropriate property development.

"We need your signature to help us demonstrate how important music venues like the George are! By adding your name you'll not only be supporting our fight for live music to remain at the George, but for all music venues and other cultural hubs. Thank you."

A spokesman added: "We need your support to continue the fight against the proposed development on the adjacent property, which would effectively mean the end of the pub as music venue, and as a consequence, as a viable business.

"The George Tavern is an historic listed building which has opened its doors to the East End and artistic communities for hundreds of years with a rich popular music heritage. Its loss would be more than a local tragedy… it would be a crime."