Awesome space-y psych rock from The Netherlands
Andrew Trendell
15:15 12th February 2016

Looking for a band that blend the scorched desert sounds of stoner with some stratospheric and psychedelic space sounds? Then you need Birth Of Joy in your life. Check out the Gigwise premiere of the video for brilliant new single 'Hands Down' below. 

Taken from their upcoming album Get Well, 'Hands Down' is the manifestation of the Dutch trio's manic live experience, and the full scope and scale of their ambitious canon of sound. 

“This is perhaps the most danceable song we’ve ever put on record,” say the band of 'Hands Down'. “The verses have you galloping through a post-apocalyptic world where everything goes to hell, but later the choruses light it all up in a weird sort of very danceable stoner-disco.”

Get Well is released on 26 February, and the band play London's Borderline on 16 March

 Pre-order it on vinyl or from iTunes.

For more information on Birth Of Joy, find them on:
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