But that doesn't include meeting the band...
Andrew Trendell

10:20 26th January 2016

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With 2016 set to see a storming comeback from Guns N' Roses, it has emerged that the 'November Rain' rockers are charging fans $2,500 for a 'VIP Experience' - but that doesn't include meeting the band.

After reports that they'd been offered millions to reform and perform, the 'Paradide City' and 'Welcome To The Jungle' stars were then confirmed to headline Coahceilla alongside LCD Soundsystem and Calvin Harris, before announcing two massive shows at Las Vegas' T-Mobile Arena - with more dates throughout the world expected to be revealed shortly. 

Now The Pulse Of Radio, via Blabbermouth, reports that the band are selling the chance for a 'VIP Signature Experience' - which includes one ticket in the first ten rows, a signed, numbered, limited-edition tour poster, a photo on the stage before the show, a backstage tour, pre-show cocktails, access to a VIP hospitality lounge, a dinner buffet and drinks, prizes, private merchandise shopping and other "perks."

It does not however, include a meet and greet with the band, which you might have expected for such a hefty price tag. 

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Meanwhile, Guns N' Roses were only a few hours into their reunion when Axl Roses cancelled an appearance... 

Could we see GnR in the UK? They're currently rumoured to be performing at Reading & Leeds and perhaps British Summer Time, but time will tell. 

  • Here are 11 interesting facts about Guns N' Roses

  • Before he joined Guns N' Roses, Axl Rose was so broke that he joined a UCLA medical study where he was paid $8 an hour to smoke cigarettes.

  • Slash played on Michael Jackson's albums Dangerous, Invincible, and HIStory. He also played at Jackson's New York City reunion shows in 2001.

  • The song 'Right Next Door to Hell' (which appears on I) was written about Rose's battles with old neighbour Garbriella Kantor, who claimed frontman Axl Rose hit her with "a really good bottle" of Chardonnay. Rose denied it before he was arrested. "Frankly," he told People magazine, "if I was going to hit her with a wine bottle, she wouldn't have gotten up." Charming.

  • 12 year bassist Duff McKagan's pancreas exploded in 1994 because of his out of control drinking habits. He's been sober ever since the incident and now sticks strictly to non-alcoholic beer.

  • Guns N' Roses have changed their original lineup a staggering 22 times since they formed in 1985.

  • Slash is an avid reptile collector and currently owns over 20 snakes, the sly creatures occupying various custom built cages throughout his home.

  • For a time, Axl Rose had a pretty persistent stalker. Her name was Karen Jane McNeil, and she claimed that she could communicate with Rose through telepathy. Spooky stuff.

  • Slash's mother was Saul Hudson, a prolific fashion designer who was reported to be dating David Bowie for a time.

  • In an interview with Rolling Stone, Axl Rose said,"For me, when I hear certain things on [Use Your Illusion], I can hear a band dying."

  • Before taking up the guitar when his Grandmother gave him his first one stringed acoustic, Slash was mainly interested in BMX riding and briefly competed at a professional level.

  • Their first gigs were in Seattle, but about 100 miles outside of Los Angeles their van broke down, the band hitch-hiking to Seattle to play 5 very sparsely attended shows.

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