The bassist's debut solo album is innovative and gloriously unhurried
Alexandra Pollard

07:00 9th December 2015

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Warpaint's Jenny Lee Lindberg didn't rush her debut solo output. In fact, she wrote it slowly, over the course of a few years. The resulting album comprises ten gloriously unhurried tracks, which take Jennylee (she's chosen, for her solo moniker, to merge her two first names together) beyond experimentation, and towards something truly innovative.

The album's opening track, 'Blind', eases us in with a lo-tempo, haunting assurance, before 'Boom Boom' picks up the pace - taking those punchy bass riffs she does so well and placing them front and centre, with a crashing drum beat.

So assured, in fact, is Right On! that it comes as a surprise to learn that the journey towards it was plagued with insecurity. "I didn’t feel confident," she told Dazed. "I was too hard on myself. I thought nobody would wanna know. Then over the last year I thought, ‘You can’t live like that. Stop holding yourself back from all the things you should do.'" Thank God she listened to her own advice.

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It can never be a bad thing to sound just like Warpaint - particularly when you're a member of said band - so the fact that 'Never' could have sat quite easily alongside 'Love Is To Die' and 'Keep It Healthy' is not a problem. The track that follows, though - 'Long Lonely Winter' - takes us to territories thus far unexplored, and is all the more vibrant and exciting for it. There's synths in there, and a minimalist, R&B tinge.

The poignant 'He Fresh' takes this approach and runs with it - adding drum machines and electronic hand claps. It's possibly the best track on the album.

If there's any justice, Right On! will gain Jennylee the attention and acclaim she deserves. Just don't start worshipping her too hard: "Everyone shits, everyone pees," she says, "but people lose themselves when they’re put on a pedestal."

Right On! is due for release on Friday (11 December) via Rough Trade Records. Pre-order it here.

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