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Michael Jackson Estate in legal battle

Sharad Chandra Patel is suing the estate on behalf of his late son, Raju Patel


Michael Jackson Estate legal battle Sharad Chandra Raju Patel lawsuit Photo: Wenn

Sharad Chandra Patel has launched a lawsuit on Thursday 30 November against the Michael Jackson Estate for not allowing director son Raju Patel to complete his film.

Raju Patel, who produced The Jungle Book and The Adventures of Pinocchio, was said to have been good friends with the late ‘Thriller’ pop star. The duo had formed a film company called Neverland Entertainment and had agreed that all proceeds from their films were to be split 50-50.

Patel and Jackson were due to make ‘Messages to Michael’ following the allegations against Jackson for child molestation. The film was intended to be for loyal fans that stood by him during the period. The contract was signed in 2005 three months before before Raju died of cancer.

Before Raju’s passing, the contract was allegedly assigned to his father, Sharad. Since, Sharad has been trying to gain access to Jackson’s music and personal effects to complete the film, but has accused estate executors John Branca and John McClain for dismissing him.

Estate attorney, Howard Weitzman has deemed the case as ‘yet another meritless lawsuit filed against the Jackson Estate’.

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