The 'To The River' band give us a tour of Amsterdam's famous Paridiso
Will Butler

12:49 20th November 2015

Causes are one of the hottest bands on the indie-pop scene making noise right now and have shared a behind-the-scenes video interview prior to their show in Amsterdam. Check out the quartet walking us through their creative process below.

The Netherlands has become the band's adoptive and spiritual home after frontman Rupert Blackman moved there in the name of an unrequited love. When that didn't work out, Blackman formed Causes and gave the Dutch music lovers heartburn with the band's sophisticated, affecting and infectious songwriting. 

With sights locked onto the UK shores, their sound will find no problem seeping into the country's hearts via the ear canals - expect to hear Causes hit the big-time very soon. The band's lead single, 'To The River', has rocketed the band into the heights of national fame. The EP of the same name was produced by Bear's Den and Daughter collaborator, Ian Grimble - in case you were having trouble tracing Causes' shimmering production job to it's source.

Gigwise has an exclusive video from the band as the walk us through their origins, the thrill of performing at festivals and on tour as well as a beautifully visual overview of the famous Amsterdam venue, Paridiso.

Check out our exclusive video with Causes below

Causes have announced their first ever UK tour date in London earlier this year and played a sensational set at The Waiting Room earlier this week. If you want to recreate the show from your own home, be sure to purchase the band's To The River EP here.

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