For fans of LCD Soundsystem, Cut Copy and Chromeo
Will Butler

12:15 2nd November 2015

There's a distinct duality to Canadian duo, Strange & Primitive's music, it traces the border between the cerebral and the imaginative in a inventive clarity. Check out their latest single, 'Highwayman', below.

The whirring synth-lines are punctuated by sharp and unexpected guitar lines and polyrhythms, even with six or seven listens through, I'm still finding new nuggets and subtleties that weren't apparent to me originally. Great electronic music unfurls over time, it's a counter-reaction to the paint-by-numbers dance music epidemic.

But that's one guy's interpretation. Although the duo's decision to incorporate vocals into the mix was an addition based in looking to inject the compositions with a 'human' element, so maybe my subjective take wasn't far off the work.

Outside the symbolism, Strange & Primitive delve into the dimmer, less exposed arenas of electro-pop with dimly lit tracks that can instantaneously evolve into futuristic neo-soul bangers, they pander to no convention or box, there's a tangible fluidity in both their recording process and the end result.

Listen to Strange & Primitive's 'Highwayman' below

Strange & Primitive have a self-titled debut album in the can and it's due out 20 November, so if you like what you hear and want more, be sure to grab yourself a copy when it drops.

In the meantime, be sure to swing by the band's social channels to check out what they're up to, tour dates and generally support this awesome upcoming band:


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