They'll chew you up, spit you out and you'll always come back for more
will butler
10:47 16th October 2015
  • Get Inuit: Kent based indie-rockers who understand the raw power of simplicity. Signed to Alcopop! records, home of Johnny Foreigner, Brawlers and Tellison, Get Inuit have the fresh choruses and enough trebled hits to frequent indie discos for many years to come.

  • Gilligan Moss: Making waves since 2013, this Chicago producer has only started to get the attention he deserves recently. An dizzying blend of organic samples, synth-pop and memorable house beats, Moss will undoubtedly grow on you.

  • Hinds: Last summer may have been when the buzz began to gather, but now is when the Spanish Hinds (fka Deers) turn into real, widespread, worldwide love. We have no doubt that their warped, punky, youthful exuberance will be soundtracking those mental afteroons will into summer 2016 when their debut finally drops and they conquer the world.

  • Blossoms: : An aching cool from an age gone by, matched with a universally loveable blend of psychedelia played within the realm of classic pop, rock and mod sounds. We fell in love when they stormed our Stylus stage at Live At Leeds, and now that they've signed to a major label, the rest of the world will follow.

  • Georgia: Having just released her debut all written, recorded and produced in her bedroom over a two-year period, Georgia's urban cocktail of pop, electronic and grime has enough flavour and kick to satisfy even the most critical of palettes.

  • Ben Khan: Jai Paul with more consistency, Ben Khan's glitch infused electro-pop is a vibrant and fevered rework of the typical neo-soul 2015 has heard far too much of and, with an EP already under his belt, Ben Khan seems to have every intention to stick around.

  • Lion Babe: US pop duo Lion Babe have been cropping up here and there since 2012 but next year looks to their most lucrative yet. Having worked with Childish Gambino and Pharrell, superstar status is just round the corner for Lion Babe.

  • Nai Harvest: Sheffield duo that don't compromise melody or grit with their brand of garage-rock. Somehow finding the perfect marriage of the two, listening to Nai Harvest is a fun and somewhat irresponsible experience that's best shared with friends.

  • Oscar: Equal parts Damon Albarn and Steve Malkmus, the melancholic fuzz of Oscar Scheller is blissful enough to warm even the most frigid of heartstrings. Tracks like 'Sometimes' and 'Beautiful Words' aren't going to reinvent sound for 2016 but are aural remedies for the disheartened and that's more than good enough.

  • Honne: Seductive rhythms that resonate on record, but are effortlessly accentuated in a live environment, the best way we can describe them is 'sex music'. Adding a tinge of lust to pop and electronica, let them woo you as all of the behind the scenes industry hype blooms into making them a household name in 2016.

  • Jay Prince: Having appeared on the latest Mura Masa EP, Jay Prince is turning heads by curating a new London hip-hop scene that breaks off the grid of the Grime label. Chilled beats akin to Tribe or, more recently, Kaytranada and effortless flow, this 21 year old rapper has got the talent to match his ambition.

  • Alex G: By no means a new artist, Alex Giannascoli has uploaded hundreds of songs onto the internet but not for us, for him. His wordplay and DIY charm has been gaining traction for years but, if everything falls in place, 2016 could be the year Alex G breaks through the Bandcamp barrier.

  • Hippo Campus: Since SXSW the Minneapolis indie-rockers have been on the radar for all the biggest Indie blogs and websites. Their intricate riffs and spritely lyrics will ring especially sweet for any fans of Dutch Uncles, Vampire Weekend or Wu Lyf.

  • Slutface: We must admit, we first went to see this band based purely on the name alone. What we discovered may well just be the best new band we've heard in a long, long time. With the riot-grrrl attitude of Sleater-Kinney met with the pure rush of Blood Red Shoes, the emerging Norwegian quartet Slutface throw out infectious pop punk riffs and irresistible choruses that demand every moment of your attention. Check out 'Bad Party', 'Shave My Head', 'Angst' and 'Call To Arms' if you don't believe us. We have seen the future, and its name is Slutface.

  • Kero Kero Bonito: Video games, house and bubble-gum pop is the secret to Kero Kero Bonito's one-of-a-kind sound. Featuring multi-lingual rapping and a production duo including rising star Kane West, KKB are fast becoming an iconic name in new dance music.

It's Friday so it's time to get fucked up, and guess what, we've got just the perfect band for you. Introducing the fuck-punk sounds of Sweden's The Magnettes.

They say creative limitation is the key to innovation but I believe boredom is an underrated source of progression. Born in the sleepy, Twin Peaks-esque town of Pajala far afield from any vibrancy or urban goings-on, Rebecka Digervall and Sanna Kalla formed The Magnettes to kill both time and eardrums.

With a over-encumbering arsenal filled with hedonistic tracks that revolve around youthful abandon - which is the PC translation for getting battered, fucking indiscriminately and taking the role of purveying general menace. 

And while The Magnettes embrace the punk lifestyle with a fresh vigour, their music is actually closer to synth-pop. 'Bones' is a sinisterly saccharine tune that may sound neon-tinged on the surface but appearances can be deceiving. "I won't stop until I pick your bones off" - ouch.

Listen to The Magnettes' 'Bones' below

The Magnettes come by as advocates of the #SadGirlsClub. If you're wondering what that's all about, check out their group's M.O in the band's own words: "We're reclaiming the word ugly”, Why does beautiful have to be the standard? We think speaking your mind and being weak, weird, sad, anything but perfect, and ultimately real is cool. We have no regrets. That’s the ‘Sad Girls Club.’ It’s a space for anyone who listens to our music to be who they are. Embrace the ugly.”

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